Contest! We Want YOU! Well, and your recipes..

There’s no denying it any longer - it’s definitely almost winter. Leaves are falling, our hot apple cider is back, and all the scarves and toques are coming back into your wardrobe rotation.

We have quite a few tidy options to keep you toasty in this chill weather (have you tried our new Spicy Hot Chocolate? Dang it’s good.), like our homemade organic oatmeal, our ever popular fresh out of the oven vegan cinnamon buns… but we know, sometimes you want just a little more.

So we’ve listened, dear reader, and I’m excited to announce we will be serving up homemade, organic soups this winter. We have an amazing roster of delicious options that we’ve been testing and perfecting over the past little while, with Mom tirelessly working to get them *just* right.

Now here’s where you come in - we know everyone has that one soup recipe in their family, the one you swear can’t be beat. Either your grandmother made it for you when you were sick, or you’ve taken a family recipe and tweaked it from good soup, to epic in a bowl.

We want ’em!

For the next three weeks we are running a soup recipe contest, so dig out your recipe boxes.

Here’s how it works : submit your favorite soup recipe, either through the comments here, email ([email protected]) or drop it off at the cafe. We’ll narrow it down to the top 3, and put it up for a vote. The winning recipe will join the soup family at Cafe Novo, and will be named after you! Well, you know, if you were the one to submit it. You’ll be famous!

Contest opens today, and closes November 1st.

We’re looking forward to trying out some new recipes, and sharing them with you. After all this soup talk, I’m freakin’ hungry. Stay tuned for more details on when you can start slurpin’ delicious homemade soups at the cafe!

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