Now serving Soups!!

Green Lentil and Veggie soup, made in house with love and organic, local ingredients!

Guys, I’m pretty excited to finally be able to bring you the soups we’ve been working on the past couple months - paired with our homemade crustini, they are a perfect, soul warming option for lunch. (Take out is definitely available for all you on the go folk.)

We will be offering two soups a day, from 10:30 to 6:00. Made with the freshest organic local produce we can get our hands on, these soups freakin’ rock.

We have also been working on choosing a winner for the soup contest, and it will be announced shortly.

So come on by and let us know what you think of our newest addition, and don’t forget to bring a healthy appetite, these soups are sure to fill you right up!

One Response to Now serving Soups!!

  1. Now as an adult, I make my own version with fresh veggies and vegetable broth. Combine that with organic vegan bread from my local bakery and vegan butter. Yum.

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