Big Announcement - Looking Forward, with Fond Glances Back

Posted on by Elizabeth

I have big news, friends, and I’m both incredibly excited and saddened to tell you about it.

First, the big news. Cafe Novo is going to be moving. This is not entirely by choice - our lease is up and we could not come to an agreement with the owner of the building for a new term. We sought terms that would ensure the healthy continuation of the business but, unfortunately, we have irreconcilable differences in opinion. I’m very sad that we will be leaving our home on Bloor St W, and tried as hard as I could to make it work.

Our last day open at our current location will be Sunday March 1st.

We don’t have all the I’s dotted and T’s crossed on our new location just yet, but we are NOT closing for good. We have exciting new things in store and I will keep posting updates as things firm up. We are hoping to be back up and running in our new space in April. Stay tuned for details!

Onto the looking back…

This is an incredibly hard post for me to write - I’ve been reminiscing over the five years that we’ve been open and all the amazing people I’ve had the pleasure of meeting, working with, and getting to know in that time. Sadie and I couldn’t have been more fortunate to find a spot in such a welcoming neighborhood. Even before we were open we had people coming up to knock on the windows while we renovated, to introduce themselves, to welcome us to the High Park ‘hood, and to share in our excitement.

We opened to overwhelming support from our friends and family, and from you all, our cherished customers. We started to grow, and added to our team with the best staff we could imagine. We’ve continued to be very lucky in both regards - we still feel we have the best customers a cafe could ask for, and I doubt anyone has ever had the amazing, engaged, and dedicated employees we have had.

Saying goodbye to Sadie when she and her husband Martin moved to the UK was difficult, but she trusted that I could keep growing with Alex in his new role as co-owner and manager. Her continued support while she raises the most adorable family overseas is one of my lifelines. Alex, of course, is the best brother and is killin’ it at running the cafe with me.

Over the years I’ve made great friends both in and because of this place, and I know I’m a better person for having met you all. Our little cafe has grown and changed, but through it all we continue to strive to be the place I dreamt of opening - a warm and inviting space that is dedicated to organic, fair trade and environmentally responsible practices, with kickass coffee and homemade treats. The support and continued patronage of every single one of you means the world to me.

I originally wanted to pepper this post with photos from the beginning -  renovating the space, the opening days, and the grinning faces we sported - but I’m already crying enough while typing. March 1st won’t be a “goodbye,” but rather a “see you real soon.” In the interim, I’m going to miss the crap out of seeing your faces so regularly. Let’s make a mutual promise not to be strangers, okay?



4 Responses to Big Announcement - Looking Forward, with Fond Glances Back

  1. Kallie says:

    Lovely write up, must be a tough call to make but I know you will be back in action in no time and warming the hearts and tummies of your clients again soon. -KJ

    • SR says:

      I am so sorry to see you leaving. Those landlords are - to be frank - stupid. You were a perfect fit for that location and they had many tenants come and go quickly in that location in the past. It sounds like they are being short sighted and have forgotten what a struggle it was for them to find a fit for that location for so many years. Onwards and upwards and you will surely thrive - hopefully you are staying somewhere in the “hood”

      • Elizabeth says:

        Thank you for your kind words! We do sure hope we manage to be even half as lucky with our regulars in the new spot. We’ve just signed the paperwork and annouced it, we will be moving to 254 Augusta Ave in Kensington. I tried to find a location in High Park / Bloor W but unfortunately nothing that would work. Going to miss this hood!

    • Elizabeth says:

      Thanks Kallie!!

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