Featured Pairing Special

Not only are we beginning our new open 7 days a week schedule this week - we have MORE exciting news!

We are starting a Featured Pairing Special - starting with the classic combo of a latte + cheesecake brownie, this coming Tuesday.

Come in Tuesdays, between noon and 4pm and get 50 cents off this delicious pairing. The pairing will change monthly, and will always include a drink and a treat that we feel compliment each other in awe-inspiring ways. If you think I’m being hyperbolic - you need to try savoring a bite of rich, chocolaty brownie swirled with cheesecake topping and following it with a sip of velvety latte. It’s incredible.

Perfection fits into a 2.5" by 2.5" square.

Don’t forget when you’re in on Mondays to ask for your drink to be motivated - free single shot of espresso in any drink! Not sure what to try? A Red Eye is a pretty classic Monday drink (coffee + single shot of espresso), and would have a pretty intense caffeine kick. Or amp up your daily Americano (triple shot Americano = sinfully dark and delicious).

Stay tuned for more specials and events coming soon to our little slice of coffee heaven.


One Response to Featured Pairing Special

  1. Shanna R. Salas says:

    In Australia the drink more closely resembles a caffè latte as it tends to be served with a single shot of coffee, resulting in a weaker and milkier drink.

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