Geek Love + Cafe Novo Mugs!

We’ve missed you dear readers - how have you been? Enjoyed your autumn we hope?

We apologize for the haitus - we’re back and with quick but wonderful news.

First off, what’s the best way to celebrate opening an awesome business with an amazing business partner? Why, get a bro tat of course! So Sadie and I did just that.

Elizabeth's caffeine + geek love!

Sadie's caffeine + geek love!

Those beautiful looking tattoos are the molecular representation of caffeine. Shout out to Michelle at Urban Ink Tattoo for the wonderful job on both!

Secondly, the only news exciting enough to follow that - you can now take a piece of Cafe Novo wherever you go, and stay on Captain Planet’s good side while you’re at it!

We have gorgeous reusable mugs for sale, $20 gets you a mug as shown (interchangeable mug/lid/plug colours available!) and your first drink free. Buying it as a gift? No problem! Just let us know and we’ll throw in a coupon so your lucky recipient gets the bevvie. Plus everytime you use it at the cafe you get 15 cents off any drink. We can make you any regular or large size drink in one of these bad boys, much better insulation that paper take out cups, and much more eco-friendly!

Cafe Novo on the go!

Stay tuned for updates on seasonal drinks coming soon (Organic Eggnog Latte anyone? DELISH!) as well as tea tins for sale to enjoy at home or to gift.



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