Happy Mondays Coming Soon!

We know Mondays are rough - we also know it’s rough trudging through the cold to our little haven of coffee on Mondays, only to pull on the door and have the realization that we’re closed that one day of the week dawn on your poor, caffeine-deprived brain.

But fear not friends! We’re changing that for you.

That’s right folks, your favorite little cafe will be open 7 days a week, starting February 21st!

To sweeten the deal we are also offering what we like to call Motivator Mondays - for the first month of our being open Mondays you can ask for an extra shot of espresso in any drink, on that special first day of the week - on us! Use the super sneaky password “MOTIVATE MY DRINK!” and we will gladly up the octane in your drink of choice on that . (Beginning February 21st, running through to March 21st, Mondays only).

We will also be changing our hours for winter beginning February 1st -

Tuesday through Friday : 7am - 6pm

Saturday : 8am - 7pm

Sunday : 9am - 6pm

After Feb 21st we will Monday hours will be the same as Tues - Fri.

(Don’t worry - once we see the light of spring we will be extending our hours once more, especially once patio season hits!)

Stay warm, happy and caffeinated folks!


One Response to Happy Mondays Coming Soon!

  1. Yes! Honestly? It’s really rough when I forget its Monday and curse the heavens for my misfortune 😛

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