March is Epilepsy Awareness Month in Canada

I once used the word “disability” when talking with my neurologist. While I don’t recall his exact response, it was along the lines of, “You don’t have a disability. You are a capable person. You can live your life however you want.” While these were words that I needed to hear at the time, his delivery (as with many neurologists) was lacking a certain comforting, compassionate angle that would have also been helpful.

When he suggested that I go to Epilepsy Toronto for more information, initially I was terrified. I didn’tknow what to say when I walked in. The first time I exchanged a few words, grabbed some pamphlets,and basically ran out. I went back a few times, I read all the information they gave me. There was support and care in what they told me.

I have epilepsy. I was diagnosed nearly 7 years ago, shortly after moving to Toronto to attend culinary school.

My first year was a struggle. At 21, it was a shock to my system. I wasn’t sure to what limits I couldpush myself anymore, what I could and couldn’t do anymore. It was a lot of information in a shortamount of time. And as sappy as it might sound, organizations such as Epilepsy Toronto make thesesorts of life-changing events easier to process.

When I struggled to find a job after attaining my Business diploma, I spent some time volunteeringat their main office. I was there when I started working on the Cafe with Elizabeth. Though it wasonly for two months, volunteering at Epilepsy Toronto was a great learning experience, and filled myotherwise dull days of job hunting with a positive atmosphere and great people.

I have found balance in my life; my neurologist was correct when he said that I’m not disabled. I can(and have) done remarkable things in my life. However without the support of Epilepsy Toronto, in addition to that of my family and friends, and the programs they offer, I doubt I would have adjusted as quickly or completely.

We are proud to support Epilepsy Toronto with our meringue sales this month.


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